Logo Lanyards: Showing Off Your Company’s Style

If you’ve been tasked to design your company’s newest logo lanyards, then here are a few things you have to keep in mind.

What is your lanyard’s purpose?

Determining your lanyard’s purpose is the first step to designing it. Would they be used as the official lanyards of employees or as giveaways to clients for patronizing your services? By knowing the lanyard’s purpose, you could choose the motif of the design, as well as the material and accessories you would use. The elements of the design would also depend on it. If the lanyards are for giveaways, then make sure they look enticing. However, if they’re for office work, make sure they look official and business-ready.

Who will wear the lanyards?

landyardYou should design your lanyards to suit the tastes of those who’ll wear them. This ensures that they will be attracted to the lanyards and wear them often. If young people are the targets, try to have updated designs based on the current fashion trends. If they’re for the elderly, get the widest lanyards you can, and use large, fat fonts with dark, solid colors. This fosters readability. The design should also be a little more traditional than for young people. If you’re giving these to school age children, then you may want to use bright colors and playful designs.

When do you need them?

Making lanyards often takes two weeks. Therefore, you should allot an extra week or two for making the design of your logo lanyards. If you need approval from higher officials, then leave some more time for possible revision requests. You should always have buffer time to ensure that you can get your lanyards ready before the event itself. In the worst case scenario, you would have to request for a rush job and incur additional expenses.

How should the design look like?

Designs on paper can look wildly different when printed on lanyards. Choose fonts that would be easy to read on lanyards. Make them large enough to complement the lanyard width. You should also consider the colors. This can be pretty difficult because you have to choose the lanyard color, the design colors, and how these two will match each other. Also consider the color of the employee’s uniform (if applicable) and remember to match your design to the company logo or color. Combine light texts with dark backgrounds, or dark texts with light backgrounds. Having interesting color combinations would make your logo lanyards more visually appealing. Remember, however, that having highly detailed, multi-color lanyards are more expensive than their simpler counterparts.

Should you add accessories?

Adding accessories to your design is commonly practiced by fashion and art enthusiasts. They make the lanyards look more appealing and give them a unique personality. You could place studs like beads or pins for additional aesthetic appeal. You could even attach plushies to appeal to women and children. You could also place badge reels for keys or other belongings. Accessories can depend on personal preference, which allows easier identification in case of loss of IDs.

What other things do you need to consider?

Never forget to keep your company’s policies in mind when creating these designs. There may be restrictions on colors or add-ons. These will result in revision requests (if you need approval prior to printing) or recall (if you don’t) of the lanyards. Also, keep your budget in mind. Try to get the best quality with the lowest value. Don’t choose the most expensive lanyards if you only have a simple design. Keep in mind that your logo lanyards should also reflect the company’s style.


www.wholesalelanyards.com are a common sight at most trade shows. At a trade show or similar event, a lanyard serves dual purposes.Many trade shows offer a lanyard along with your ID badge for the event. 

Increase Sense of Brotherhood with Custom Coins

Challenge coins are called as such because these signify allegiance to an organization whenever an individual’s loyalty is challenged. Brotherhood seems to have a deeper meaning when it comes to owning custom coins. Loyalty becomes more solid and the organization becomes more stable.

Owning custom coins from an organization signifies the number of achievements that a member has made. Dating back to the Roman Empire, coins with an insignia are given as rewards to soldiers recognizing honorable tasks made. Fighter pilots during World War 1 were mentioned to have coin medallions worn or carried at all times. While it was used as a reward or reminder of allegiance, coins were said to have also been used as identifications or proof as to which unit or command the soldiers belong.

Brotherhood or sisterhood is defined as more than just blood relation. It is a deeper kind of relationship that goes beyond camaraderie or an eventful gathering of people. Mutual trust and friendship are the main ingredients of brotherhood that bonds men and women from all walks of life into one single unit. This kind of relationship breaks the barriers of age, race, belief and even time. Organizations or fraternities that started years or even centuries ago have survived.


Memberships seem to have increased from one generation to the next as people commit themselves to their groups’ ideas that affect and direct their lives. Friendship is one reason why a person will join an organization. Later on, it becomes more than friendship. Loyalty to the oath or pledge takes center stage where obligations and peer accountability play important roles in maintaining membership.

This special type of connection is forged through custom coins.

It connects each member to the organization and to other members as well even if they are oceans apart. An international organization or fraternity member visiting a foreign land will be welcomed open arms by peers residing in that country. A coin with the group’s crest or symbol will serve as the best identity of allegiance more effectively than passports or other documents.

Custom coins are used by different kinds of military and civilian organizations all over the world. Some groups have strict rules on handling a challenge coin and that further enhances the emotional attachment of the member to the coin and to the group. The coin then becomes a very personal thing because of these rules. The coin becomes a vital part of the daily life of the member. A member must be able to produce the coin quickly at any time he is required to do so. Each member is bound by honor to return an examined coin to the owner or leave a lost coin to where they found it. If a member loses a coin, he should replace it immediately.

There is also a rule in some groups that a coin must be kept in its pouch and worn around the neck or fastened to a belt and kept safe in pocket. It should not be given just to anyone else unless the recipient is perceived to deserve the coin. Some rules state that the coin should not be altered in any way. A coin that is meant to be kept in a pouch must stay in the pouch. A coin that is meant to be worn like a necklace or dog tag must be used that way and not kept inside the pocket.

The monetary value of custom coins is of no importance. What is more valuable is the brotherhood that these coins signify. Coins can be made of gold, silver, brass, nickel or any other metal. They can feel heavy or light in your hands, they can have intricate designs engraved, but the honor of having such coins makes them priceless.

Tips When Buying Golf Shoes

With all the equipment needed to play a round of golf, you would think that golf shoes are not all that important. This is farther from the truth. Being comfortable on the course with the right pair of shoes will make you enjoy the game even more.

Shoes designed for playing golf are diverse and unique. There are so many types and brands to choose from in the market today which of course means that there are different levels of comfort as well.

Wearing shoes specifically designed for playing golf is not required on golf courses, and many non-golfers may get by playing without wearing a pair.However, experienced golfers certainly prefer wearing them.

With plenty of options, finding the right golf shoes for you can become overwhelming.

Here are some things to consider when buying:

1. Comfort

golf shoeBy far is the most important consideration when buying the right pair of shoes whether for golf or for any other purpose. Normally, the most comfortable shoes for golf have more cushioning in the sole. Some may even have built-in memory foams, which is especially relaxing.

Modern designs are based on latest sports shoe technology, using the same principles in manufacturing running shoes and basketball shoes. Current golf shoes now use plastic spikes instead of the old metal ones that are prohibited in golf courses. The spikes help in planting a golfer during a swing.

Learn to listen to what your feet are saying. An average golfer walks around 10 kilometers in a single round. To say the least, it would not be a very pleasurable experience if the shoes you have on are uncomfortable. Believe it or not, comfortable and pain-free shoes can actually make you focus better and improve your golf game.

2. Price

Shoes for golf may vary from around $45 to $250 and higher. And like in most consumer products, quality usually comes with the price.

Shoes for golf are made from synthetic leather on the low-end and fine calfskin leather on the high-end. High-end leather shoes mold and stretch with your feet as you use them, and they often last longer. They also usually have waterproofing capabilities and have moisture-wicking material on the exterior.

To sum it up, more expensive golf shoes last longer, feel more comfortable on your feet, and will help you play better. In this case, you will definitely get what you pay for.

3. Size

Make sure that you buy shoes that fit perfectly according to your preference. Even the most expensive pair of shoes will not serve you well if it does not fit properly.

Check the size standing up, as the feet expand when bearing your weight. Walk around in the shoes and try to really feel if the level of comfort suits you.

When buying in a store, see if they have a putting green and try out different positions that you will usually be in the actual golf course. This will let you know how the shoes will conform to your foot at various angles and pressures.

Here are some more tips to make sure that the shoes fit correctly:

a.Press your thumb at the end of your longest toe. There should be a thumb width space between your toes and the end point of the shoe. You should be able to wiggle your toes with ease.

b.Pinch the material across the ball of the shoe. If you cannot pick up any material, then the shoe is too tight across the ball. When laced up, this portion should not press painfully on top of your foot.

c.The heel should fit securely against the rear of the shoe.

Finally, give your feet time to naturally adapt to the new pair, as it may take a couple of days of casual wearing before it really grooves in.

4. Frequency of play

This is an important factor when deciding to buy golf shoes, especially in identifying how much are you willing to spend. If you play golf once or twice a year, then a low-end, $50 pair might just be fine for you. If you’re a more serious and frequent player, then spending some more is absolutely a good investment especially if you want to consider the health of your feet.

shoeRockbottomgolf is proud to stock a huge selection of golf shoes in a many more variety of colors and design.

7 Things About SEO That All Newbies Should Know

Search engine optimization is no easy task for newbies. We are here to guide them and teach them the way around to success. Take a look at this list and understand what it takes to be successful in this industry.

1.SEO is constantly changing.

Search engines update the algorithms that they use for ranking several times a year. You should stay updated on these changes so that your practices also fall on the requirements all the time.

As the requirements change, the practices also evolve. There are strategies utilized in search engine optimization that used to be legal and valid but are now considered unethical and a valid ground for getting penalized. Keyword stuffing is one of them.

2.No goal is achieved overnight.

Some unscrupulous SEO companies will promise you the best seat in the house in a matter of day.We won’t, not because we cannot but because we should not.

The fastest way to rank higher usually takes the form of black hat, an illegal strategy that involves manipulation of search results. Google doesn’t like that. In fact, Google hates that, and you will be hated the same way by getting blacklisted.

seoYou need to have patience because website development is not like baking where you can set the timer and eagerly wait for the product. The analysis of your website to come up with the best combination of strategies takes time. We guarantee reasonably fast results – not as fast as what fake experts say.

3.There is no such thing as guaranteed results.

Some unscrupulous companies and experts say that they can guarantee you the top spot in ever search engine results pages. Now that is possible if your website is the only one today. However, as you read through this article, thousands of websites in the same niche as yours are already building and updating their contents, making necessary changes, and finding new online marketing strategies to draw attention.

No one can guarantee the top spot in a clean and ethical way. If this is a guarantee that you have been promised, be sure to check all the details again because it is almost sure that you are getting yourself in a big trouble with search engines.

4.Nothing beats excellent contents when it comes to SEO.

At the end of the day, search engines crawl your website for the substance, relevance, and reputation. Your website is weighed based on how much relevant information you can give to the one searching a particular topic.

What does it mean by excellent contents?

First, they have to be written naturally, with no repetitive keywords and misleading information. A well-researched article will always have the important keywords it needs, so there is no need to force them.

Second, they have to be relevant and updated. Write what matters now and double check all the details you want to include in your content.

Third, they have to be long enough to be engaging and encouraging of discussion in the comments section. Although comments are not indexed by most search engines, the entire section still serves as a billboard full of referrals from those who believe what you say and those who have follow-up questions.

Very short articles, usually those that have less than 300 words, are usually penalized by Google Panda, so generating that kind of content is more likely to cause you more harm than good.

5.Keyword research is a continuous process.

Trending keywords change far more often than how the most playboy bachelor on the planet changes his girlfriend. It requires constant monitoring with the help of keyword research tools and analytics.

By using these tools, you will be able to understand how keywords change, where the trends come from, how they fluctuate, and what associations they have with other keywords.

Don’t ignore what’s trending. A timely keyword is your ticket to a great gathering of target readers. These readers are your prospective clients.

6.Websites are like newspapers; they cannot skip a day.

Most of your direct competitors have something new to offer every single day. As they bombard the readers with new information, your presence continues to dwindle until you become an unknown website that begs for traffic.

You have to be ready to take the competition head on. If they have something new, offer two contents more. Be there at a time when they are asleep and the readers are awake.

Consistency will also help you cinch a spot in crawlers’ priority list. Based on the recent algorithms, consistency in presence is taken as consistency in information.

7.You don’t have to do a thing about SEO just to rank.

That’s right. We do things like that for our clients simply because we do it better. Time is equivalent to money when it comes to online ventures. A lost time might mean a lost trend, which also means lost traffic—huge volume of traffic.

We make sure that our clients handle the things they do best, like operation, business development, management, what have them. As they attend to their regular business, we attend to their marketing needs to get all the traffic they need and spread brand awareness in a way that they can meet their goals in the shortest amount of time.

Coop Homes for Sale in Long Island, New York

The cooperative form of housing proliferated in New York City since its inception in 1920. It is the most common housing option for low and moderate income earners and wise investors who are taking advantage of the leveraged financing.

The purchase price of coop housing is low, the building mortgage is less, and the cost of repair and maintenance is relatively reduced compared to condominiums and single family homes because the owners or shareholders partake in these expenses, thus deliberately decreasing all costs. The pooling of the owners’ resources is the primary advantage of this type of housing.

real estateThe common charges may include maintenance fees which are used to fund the operation of the coop housing. It also includes the mortgage fees and other monthly charges required by law.

Why rent when you can own? Live smart and check out the reasonably priced coop homes for sale in Long Island, New York. Below is a list of five affordable coop housing options.

Deluxe Property in Selden

Price: $79,000 – $134,990

Property ID No. 2511996

Built in a convenient location, this property has easy access to shopping and transportation facilities. It features two large bedrooms, a full bathroom, a furnished eat-in kitchen, a living room, and a balcony with a perfect view of the woods. The appliances and utilities available are refrigerator, stoves, heaters, and centralized ACs. A smoking area is provided and pets are allowed. Owners can enjoy community facilities such as a swimming pool, a children’s playground, and Laundry Rooms. The monthly maintenance charges include gas, heat, hot water, sewer, electricity and laundry rooms’ maintenance. The common charge for this property is only $926 per month.

Gated Community in West Babylon

Price: $100,000

Property ID No. 2545710

Tired of chasing the best deals on homes for sale in Long Island, New York? The answer you’re looking for is right here. This gated community allows smoking and pets in the area. It features a huge studio, an alcove bedroom with walk-in closet, a full bathroom, a neat kitchen, a basement, and dining room. This property provides for appliances and utilities such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, and heaters. Gas and sewer maintenance are also provided. It has a play yard for parent-children bonding. The common charge is only $663 per month.

Remodeled Coop in Port Jefferson Station

Price: $102,000

Property ID No. 2578765

Built in 1970, this deluxe coop housing has access to major highways. It is conveniently located near stores, hospitals, schools, and beaches. This property features two large bedrooms and a bathroom with clean interior. It has an efficient kitchen, a dining area, and a massive living room. To update its interior, the kitchen was remodeled, new carpets were installed in the bedroom, living room and dining room, and new windows and AC sound-proof walls were constructed. Appliances available are washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and stoves. Additional features are a two-car parking area and community pool. The maintenance fee includes heat, water, cable, and gas which are 61% tax deductible. The common charge is $820 monthly. This property is a remarkable choice from the list of homes for sale in Long Island, New York.

Hempstead location near the Train Station

Price: $102,500

Property ID No. 2552080

Within a walking distance from the Train Station, this property suits train commuters best. It features a large bedroom with closet and a neat tiled bathroom. Nestled in a quiet street, an afternoon tea in the bedroom terrace makes this property a remarkably relaxing retreat. Its functional kitchen looks stunning through its granite counter tops and softwood cabinets. It has a spacious dining room and living room. Pets are welcome in this warm community. For those whose car is a necessity, there is a provision of parking area with $20 monthly charge. The appliances and utilities available are refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, heater, and sewer maintenance. This property’s monthly common charge is only $878.

What Makes a Motivational Speaker

In the achievement of one’s goals, a person is fueled with motivation. This could be through passion and extreme determination — this is the most common way to lead one down the road to success. However, such feelings may fade over time. There will come a point in a person’s life where he may feel unmotivated or worse, lost. This phase can last for a time, depending on how long the person will allow it to be. It is at this point that a man may be in need of advice or inspiration from other people — wise words that could give one a reality bite and spur him to take action. Because sometimes, the spark could just diffuse in a person’s soul. So where can these wise messages be found?

The answer: from great motivational speakers.

These speakers can help people clear the path for a much brighter future. Often, these speakers are hired by companies to motivate and inspire their employees.

Speakers sometimes need not be world-renowned. There is no proper education for motivational speaking. It comes deeply within a person. And when the voice is calling out from the inside, that’s when a speaker is born.

But what are the things that make a good motivational speaker?

The most obvious reason that people hire motivational speakers is to listen to life-awakening messages. That said, the message that is delivered should be the nucleus of it all. The information given can change people’s lives. The topic must be thoroughly researched and it must come from deep within. It must be filled with passion and it must be delivered strongly in a way that the audience will have that connection with the speaker. If there is no passion or intense feeling from the speaker, then there might be no reaction or link with the audience.

Motivational SpeakerSpeaking of having a connection with the audience, a speaker must deliver messages that are related to the age of the listeners. Different people with varying ages do not speak the same way. Ideas differ from people to people. Some thoughts and advices may not be appreciated by certain groups of audiences. That is why it is always imperative to deliver a message that could be very well understood by the target audience. Know and sympathize with the people: This is the best way to deliver a good message. Teenagers, for example, will not understand a message that is not related to what they are experiencing at the moment, such as how being reckless and responsible can affect one’s future and family. Employees will also not connect with a speaker if the topic is not about how to be a champion in their career or how to balance life and work.

Motivational speakers are distinct from each other. Messages are delivered differently. A good speaker must know ways on how he could be different.

But there is one thing that all motivational speakers do and that is to inspire people. However, they don’t speak the same way. Each motivational speaker is unique in the way he delivers the message. The uniqueness is also important for other people to identify and differentiate ordinary speakers from great speakers. Some speakers add humor to their speeches, such as Nick Vujicic, the famous speaker who inspires people to live life greatly despite having difficult circumstances. Nick Vujicic was born with a disorder characterized by the absence of all of his four limbs. In his speeches, he often pokes fun at himself. Humour can make people feel comfortable and at ease. And it could be a great way to build rapport with the audience. Eric Thomas, on the other hand, speaks intensely and passionately about life.

PCB Fabrication – Modernizing what’s Modern

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are what mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic systems with the use of conductive pads, tracks, and features engraved on copper sheets laminated onto an insulated substrate. PCBs are what modernized miniaturization technology and pushed the boundaries of technology even further.

PCB Fabrication can be simplified in two steps: (1) Design and (2) Manufacturing.

The design process holds a vital part in the fabrication process for it is where one fundamentally thinks and mentally creates the product. This is where everything begins and in the field of PCBs; after all, the design is what defines the functionality and capacity of the circuit board. With the help of a Computer Aided Design (CAT) system, an engineer is able to create a precise technical outline that will later be perfectly followed by the production computers and machinery.

Each CAT system utilizes its own format so the industry has standardized the file types used for the design layouts. These layouts contain very precise digital images where dimensions, solder marks, track widths, spaces between tracks, pads around the holes, hole sizes, and capacity are indicated. The data is double-checked and once cleared by multiple engineers (verified to have met the manufacturing requirements), it will be used to control the machines that will make and test the PCB.

PcbfabricationActual production begins inside controlled and specialized automated factories which follow strict industrial standards for production. Inside these specialized factories, the presence of dust (the leading cause of short circuits in PCB) and unwanted light (which damages the photosensitive raw materials) is strictly monitored to prevent defects from ever appearing on the product.

Specialized machines and computer programs handle the vast majority of tasks involved in industrial PCB fabrication, while the rest is done by the hands of well-trained and experienced workers. The highly automated systems and production lines allow for even the most marginal of errors to easily be avoided and despite the high production numbers, defects have become almost non-existent. Production quality has increased, along with industrial standard specifications and competitive markets, it allows for lower production costs along with improved long-term reliability.

Despite having almost non-existent errors, with the best factories boasting a 99.9988 percent production quality, defective PCBs still make their way through manufacturing. To prevent shipping defective products, PCB fabrication companies install multiple test stations through the production line to check for even the smallest of errors. Every product is given an electronic tag and is carefully observed from the beginning to the end of its journey through the factory, with its every move documented and stored for future reference.

In the last step of the manufacturing process, a team of inspectors give each piece of PCB a final manual check. Using a magnified assembly panel, they look for any cosmetic defects like scratches and discolorations. They also measure the panel and compare it to a mechanical layout to check hole diameters. Once everything has been checked, a release note is added to a vacuum sealed, dust and moisture-free container where the finished product is to be stored; the package is bubble-wrapped then boxed and shipped off to the customer wherever he may be.

The printed circuit board starts out as an electronic, intangible computer image and is turned into sheets of copper drilled with exact dimensions then covered with insulating materials engraved by cutting-edge machinery. The core PCB fabrication process has remained constant for quite some time but is continually modernized through the years since the PCB was first successfully used in a radio in 1942.

New materials, production innovations, industrial standards, and heightening demand continually bring people closer to tomorrow’s technology.

Author Bio:
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Air Conditioning vs. Misting Fans

misting fanMisting fans are not your typical air conditioning units which require vapour compressors. These systems consume a lot of electricity. In contrast, a misting fan employs an evaporative cooling system or a moist air cooling system. This mechanism utilizes the evaporation of water in order to decrease the surrounding temperature at a lower cost. Misting fans are very popular in areas with warm weather and low humidity. Depending on the manufacturer, certain models can even serve as humidifiers. But how exactly is your standard air conditioning device different from a misting fan? And what are the advantages of using evaporative cooling systems over traditional air conditioning?

First, a misting fan works well even if the environment is extremely dry. These fanscan significantly reduce the temperature by taking advantage of the transition of water from the liquid state to the gas state (vapour). It has an advantage over the typical air conditioning unit by providing more moisture in the air. This translates to more comfort. In addition, the increased moisture in the air provides relief for dry sinuses as well as for dry skin.

Another advantage is that it is cheaper compared to the typical air conditioning unit. It is not just less expensive to install, but it is also less expensive to operate. Installation of these fansby most companies would be around half the price of installing regular air conditioning units. Cost of operation is also another important factor. A misting fan consumes less electricity. How is this so? Taking a look at the individual components, it is easy to realize why misting fans are more cost efficient. It is composed of 2 main components: the water pump and the fan itself. Meanwhile, air conditioning units make use of compressors that consume a lot of electricity. Here, the cooling material or the refrigerant is a chemical which can either be ammonia, sulphur dioxide, or chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Whereas in a misting fan, the refrigerant or cooling material is simply water. Hence, it is not subjected to strict environmental safety regulations and is relatively safer to use.

Because of less complexities in terms of the mechanical components, most consumers would consider misting fans easier to maintain. In fact, most minor repairs can be performed by the owner themselves. Another point to consider is that a misting fan functions like your regular fan in which they significantly promote better ventilation. This is especially advantageous for indoor use where there is limited movement of air.


misting fanThe main disadvantage of misting fans stem from the mechanism by which it delivers its cooling effect. Evaporative coolers, in general, would require a constant supply of water. The moist environment in a misting fan can serve as a breeding ground for arthropod vectors such as mosquitoes. That is why it is very important to regularly replace the water and clean the interiors of the fan.

Depending on geographical location, there are water sources which tend to contain high levels of minerals. These minerals may deposit on the internal components of your cooling system. These disadvantages can be easily overcome by regular cleaning and simple maintenance. There’s no need for a technician to do the maintenance. Simply ensure that the pads are clean and the water is not allowed to pool for prolonged periods of time. Through these simple measures, you will be able to maintain the unit in optimum condition, ensure the safety of your family, and enjoy the maximum benefits of your misting fan.